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A company can be used in a broad spectrum of circumstances, whether as a single stand alone entity or as part of a much more complex structure. We currently manage approximately 2000 companies across a range of activities and uses. A number of companies under our administration are incorporated in jurisdictions other than Guernsey and in certain circumstances this can be the appropriate choice. However Guernsey offers choice and flexibility with regard to the type of corporate entity best suited to a particular client situation. The Island has recently introduced a revised Companies Law (which came into force 1st July 2008) ensuring that the jurisdiction’s legislative framework continues to support and facilitate the modern requirements of our international client base.

As well as the standard non‑cellular company, which remains the most commonly used vehicle, the Island was the first jurisdiction to introduce legislation for the incorporation of Protected Cell Companies, and more recently for Incorporated Cell Companies.

Under Guernsey company law, a company can be either

  • Limited ‑
    • by shares, or
    • by guarantee
  • Unlimited, or
  • Of mixed liability.

Under the new legislation companies can convert quickly and effectively from one type of company to another in a single process, a service that is not available in many jurisdictions and something which enables us to deliver a flexible service in an ever changing global environment.